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Vitatastic Vitamin & Weight Loss Shots

Vitatastic Vitamin and Medical Weight Loss Shots in Brentwood, TN

Have you been looking into different methods of losing weight and excess fat for good, and nothing has seemed to work? Our Vitatastic Vitamin and Medical Weight Loss Shots are an incredible boost to kick-start your weight loss and fat reduction transformation! Call Alan Wellness Center for more information or visit us online to book an appointment. We serve patients in Brentwood, TN and surrounding areas.

Medical Weight Loss Shots Near Me in Brentwood TN
Medical Weight Loss Shots Near Me in Brentwood TN

Table of Contents:

What are vitalistic vitamins?
What vitamin injection helps with weight loss?
How much weight can you lose with injections?
What is a fat burner shot?

What are vitalistic vitamins?

Vitatastic Vitamins are formulated to help each individual reach their optimal nutrition and goals, while also having many great beneficial vitamins, and minerals in them. If you are looking to support your immune system, give it an extra boost, help with healthy weight management, and work on metabolic function, these vitamins are for you!

What vitamin injection helps with weight loss?

At Alan Wellness Center we have two different injections that provide amazing benefits along with weight loss, they are the:

Our Lipo-Vitamazing Lipomino is our top-of-the-line fat-burning agent! It combines the incredible vitamins of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, and amino acids, all of which are not produced by the body and are also not as easily obtained from certain food sources which maximize weight loss and increase the metabolism in our patients who are looking for fat reduction. It should be noted that this injection does include Glutamine, Arginine, Citrulline, Lysine, and Carnitine.

LIPO-STAT Plus SF is a special injection that we provide at Alan Wellness Center, it is a lipotropic fat-burning combination that includes choline, inositol, B6, and B12. Each of the ingredients that are included in this particular injection helps the body to have fat turn into energy but is also a powerful antioxidant for the body. LIPO-STAT Plus SF injections are used quite often for our patients who are already in a weight loss program and for patients who are looking to promote healthy cell function while increasing energy.

The two main ingredients that are found in both injections that are helpful in reducing fat and showcase weight loss in our patients are vitamins B6 and B12. That is due to the fact that these vitamins are known to increase your metabolism, provide more energy, and shed unwanted weight.

How much weight can you lose with injections?

Weight loss injections used in our clinic promote the treatment of fat burning, often in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise, the fat burning will be promoted to help lose weight easier.

Each clinic may name their injection a bit differently, but the main ingredients in the injections are quite similar, if not the same. The substances within each injection promote fat reduction from within the liver while reducing the production of fat and extra unwanted weight within the body. Vitamin B12 and methionine are two very important ingredients in the injections, they regulate protein and fat metabolism.

The amount of weight each individual patient will lose is dependent on each patient, as well as any external factors that are going to help with the weight loss injections

What is a fat burner shot?

If you are looking to burn fat without having to undergo invasive surgeries or try to heal scars after, then our fat burner shots are for you! Our fat-burning shots are a great option that was created to speed up your body’s metabolism and burn excess fat faster.

Fat burning shots contain a blend of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that support the body during your weight loss process. These are known as lipotropic compounds; they are there to help break down the fat that often occurs in the liver. Without the use of lipotropic compounds, fats, as well as bile become trapped in the liver and can lead to slower fat metabolism and ultimately more weight gain.

Our fat-burning injections are known as LIPO-VIYAMAZING and LIPO-STAT PLUS. These injections were created safe and effective for fat burning and weight loss. If you have any questions in regards to these injections, and what they contain, contact us today to learn more.

Weight loss that uses fat-burning shots is often gradual and will mostly depend on how well you stick to the planned healthy diet change and exercise plan designed specifically for you and your goals. Overall, patients that use our fat burner injections to help with weight loss and get rid of excess fat lose more weight than those who just do dieting and exercise alone.

The common compounds used in our fat burning injections include:

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 gives the body a natural energy boost. This vitamin is able to suppress the appetite and stimulate the body to start using fat storage and carbs.

This vitamin is used to help get rid of fat and cholesterol inside of the body, it can also prevent any hardening of the arteries.

Choline helps to minimize the excess fat found in the liver and helps to support the body’s natural hormone production.

For more information, call us. We serve patients from Brentwood TN, Nashville TN, Franklin TN, Nolensville TN, Oak Hill TN, Forest Hills TN, Belle Meade TN and surrounding areas.