Waxing Services Questions and Answers

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Waxing Services Near Me in Brentwood TN
Waxing Services Near Me in Brentwood TN

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer a Brazilian Waxing or Pubic Hair Waxing.

Unwanted hairs can be a bit like weeds in the garden. No matter what you do to get rid of them, they just keep coming back! At Alan Wellness Center, we offer excellent waxing services to provide you with lasting abatement of unwanted hairs.

What areas of the body can I get waxed?

Waxing is pretty universal when it comes to your body! Most areas of your body can safely be waxed, such as your abdomen, armpits, arms, back, eyebrows, face, feet, knuckles, legs, and even pubic hair, which is called bikini waxing or a Brazilian. As might be expected, some areas experience more discomfort from waxing than others. At Alan Wellness Center, we specialize in eyebrow waxing, but our cosmetic specialists are very skilled and versatile and can meet any of your waxing needs.

Depending on the area to be waxed, there are four different waxing methods: cold waxing, hot waxing, soft waxing, or hard waxing. Cold waxing uses an already applied form of waxing to the waxing strip. It is often less painful than hot waxing methods and does not require repeat sessions. With hot waxing, the hot wax is applied to the treatment area before the strip is applied to remove the hair. Hot waxing is the most accurate and standard method for waxing and is ideal for small areas like eyebrows. Soft waxing can be used with either cold or hot wax. With soft waxing, the wax is applied when it is soft, then covered with a cloth to dry. Once dry, the strip is removed, taking the hair with it. Finally, hard waxing is first melted then applied to the treatment area. Once it dries, the wax is peeled off using your fingers without any specific cloths.

What are the benefits of waxing?

There are numerous benefits to waxing for the removal of unwanted hair! There is a common fear when it comes to waxing that it is quite painful. While there is some discomfort, it is not as bad as people make it out to be! All in all, the benefits outweigh any discomfort you might feel. Speaking of which, the benefits of waxing include slower, sparser, and finer regrowth due to the deep removal of the hair from the root, and less itching or prickliness after treatment. Moreover, the benefits of waxing extend beyond just getting rid of unwanted hair to helping your skin in the treatment area! Waxing exfoliates your skin and reduces the risk of your skin becoming inflamed or discolored.

What aftercare is there for waxing?

There is some aftercare for waxing to ensure that your skin does not respond adversely to treatment and avoid ingrown hairs. It is important to keep the area clean and to avoid heat and friction during the two days following treatment. Therefore, take cool to lukewarm showers, avoid saunas, hot tubs, tanning, and chlorinated pools, and wear loose-fitting clothes. After you shower, it is crucial to moisturize your skin with baby oil or a lotion that works well with your skin. You may also benefit from applying an antiseptic cream to the treatment area for up to three days following treatment to soothe and protect your skin. Once your skin feels back to normal, exfoliate the area a couple of times per week to prevent ingrown hairs.

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