Plasma Pen Specialist

Plasma Pen Specialist Questions and Answers

If you are looking for a non-invasive and non-surgical solution to help with your fine lines, wrinkles, and facial lifts, contact Alan Wellness Center & Aesthetics about our Plasma Pen Treatment in Brentwood TN. For more information call us or book an appointment online.

Plasma Pen Specialist Near Me in Brentwood TN
Plasma Pen Specialist Near Me in Brentwood TN

What are the benefits of plasma pen treatments?

Plasma pen treatments are a highly versatile and effective treatment to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, as well as tightening in the eyelids which will lift and rejuvenate any area of the skin.

Plasma pen treatments can also help to improve and brighten your skin tone, improve laxity and texture, as well as dramatically reduce, inflate, and plump lines and wrinkles in the face.

What are plasma pen treatments?

Plasma pen treatments are one of the most advanced, non-invasive skin tightening and rejuvenation devices on the market to date. The plasma pen can be used in a number of treatment procedures to enhance your looks without needing expensive and invasive plastic surgery.

The plasma pen treatment helps to brighten, contour, and offer a more youthful appearance to patients who get this treatment.

Plasma pen treatment offers some incredible treatment results as feedback from our patients. One of the most difficult parts of the plasma pen treatment, is to remain patient, as your plasma pen treatment results can take anywhere up to 12 weeks to see the final end results, this is due to collagen forming and your body working hard to heal. The plasma pen treatment feedback from our patients has noted minimal feeling or nothing at all due to the numbing cream that is applied to the patient’s treatment area beforehand.

Plasma pen treatment is widely known for the incredible work it does to the around the eye area to offer a more youthful appearance to the patient receiving the treatment, however, you are also able to get the plasma pen treatment done all over the body such as facelifts, eye lifts, wrinkle removal, removing of crow’s feet, smokers lines, jawline/jowls, marionette lines, lower facial lines, forehead lifts, stretch mark removal, scar and pigmentation removal, hands, moles, skin tags, breast lifts, bum lifts, and so on.

How often should you get plasma pen treatments?

Plasma pen treatment does not offer permanent results, as our bodies continue to age, our skin will continue to sag even after a plasma pen treatment. However, plasma pen treatment results once achieved can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

Some patients may need to get follow-up treatment, and some may not, as each individual’s body will age differently.

Plasma pen treatment is not only for your face, it can be used all over the body for different reasons. On average, the plasma pen treatment can take a couple of hours, this leaves enough time to numb the area, complete the consult, and go over any aftercare you need to know.

Our plasma pen treatment does not affect our patient’s ability to complete daily tasks like work; however, we have found it to be beneficial to some patients depending on the area being worked on, to take some time off and just relax.

After your plasma pen treatment has been completed, it is usually recommended you take it easy for about 7-10 days for the carbon crusts to flake away and leave a pink undertone on the skin. Some patients have noticed it takes up to 14 days for this to completely happen, as each treatment area and the patient receiving the treatment will see different downtime.

Plasma pen treatment can be used all over the body including around the eyes, forehead, jowls, ears, hands, smoker lines on the face, stomach, arms, knees, skin tag removal and so much more! Depending on your concern, we may be able to do a plasma pen treatment on you! Contact us today regarding your treatment concerns and the area you’d like done to get a better idea of what we can provide.

Can I get plasma pen treatments in Brentwood TN?

Absolutely you can! At Alan Wellness Center, we provide the plasma pen treatment! If you are interested in a plasma pen treatment, contact us today for a consultation. Our healthcare professionals are available to answer any questions you may have and help you figure out the right treatment for you! We serve patients from Brentwood TN, Franklin TN, Nolensville TN, Oak Hill TN, Forest Hills TN, Belle Meade TN, and surrounding areas.