Laser Skin Care Treatment Questions and Answers

Laser Skin Care Treatment Questions and Answers

Get smooth and glowing skin with our laser skin treatment at Alan Wellness Center in Brentwood TN! For more information call us or book an appointment online.

Laser Skin Care Services Near Me in Brentwood, TN
Laser Skin Care Services Near Me in Brentwood, TN

Smooth and glowing skin is the ideal look most of us want for ourselves. However, it can sometimes seem impractical to attain that ideal. If you are looking for a durable and effective skincare treatment option that can give you those results, you may be interested in laser skin care treatment. We have answered some common questions below about laser skincare treatment to provide you with a better idea of what it is all about!

How is laser treatment good for the skin?

To describe how laser treatment is good for the skin, it is first important to explain how it works. With that in mind, laser treatment works by utilizing light and heat technology to inflict a controlled injury to the skin. Now, you may wonder, “how is an injury good for my skin?” That’s a fair question. With that being said, the inflicted injury to the skin is minor and serves to elicit a healing response that actually improves your skin’s health!

The controlled injury inflicted with laser treatment improves your skin in similar ways to how working out strengthens your muscles. Whether you are lifting weights, going on regular runs, or doing another form of exercise, tiny tears occur in your muscles whenever you work out. In response, your body sends increased collagen and other growth factors to the tears to produce stronger and healthier connective tissue in the place of the damaged tissue.

Laser treatment helps your skin in the same way. The controlled injury causes an influx of collagen and elastin and other proteins that are foundational to the structural integrity of your skin. Collagen and elastin, in particular, are essential to keeping your skin firm, bright, and smooth. In fact, a decrease in collagen production is the primary culprit for aging signs on the skin like wrinkles, skin laxity, and other things you probably want to keep to a minimum. In this way, collagen influx addresses aging signs at the root.

While the analogy between exercise and laser treatment is not perfect (i.e., it is good to exercise every day, but you should not get laser treatment every day!), you can think of laser treatment as a workout for your skin. In return, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Brighter and fresher complexion
  • Decreased size of enlarged pores
  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Less brown spots, discoloration
  • Minimized appearance of acne, acne scars, and other types of scars
  • Reduction in wrinkles and fine lines
  • Tightened skin
  • And much more!

What kind of laser do you use?

We offer several different types of laser therapy at Alan Wellness Center! If you would like to learn more about our laser and light therapy services at Alan Wellness Center, please feel free to contact us.

How long does laser treatment take to heal?

After laser treatment, the length of time it takes for your skin to heal depends on several factors, including the depth of treatment, the issues addressed, and the health of your skin. With that in mind, most people experience peeling for a few days to one week after treatment and fully healed skin within two to three weeks. After the skin fully heals, you can expect results to last for a year or longer.

Who needs a laser skincare treatment?

If you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your skin, whether that feeling is due to aging signs, acne or acne scars, or other skin issues, you can benefit from laser skincare treatment! If you are unsure if you should get laser skincare treatment or not, a medical aesthetician like ours at Alan Wellness Center can help you decide if laser skincare treatment is right for you.

Alan Wellness Center proudly provides laser skincare treatment! For an appointment with one of our medical aestheticians or more information about laser skin care treatment, please feel welcome to give us a call or make an appointment with us on our website. We serve patients from Brentwood TN, Nashville TN, Franklin TN, Nolensville TN, Oak Hill TN, Forest Hills TN, Belle Meade TN, and surrounding areas.